October 27, 2010: Ledigs Stay Another Day

Everything is moving along really well with the house.  Our financing is pretty much all in place – no issues there.  Everything with the physical house is going well.  The seller has agreed to all of the requests and almost everything is already done, in fact.  The seller has decided to just use our foundation guy instead of getting their own estimate and hopefully that will be happening the first week in November.  We are well on track from all perspectives for getting into the house.

The weather is great this week.  Nice and cool.  Autumn weather is North Texas is great.  I’ve been walking to work most of the week and it is very comfortable.

I just came home for lunch today and got some time with the family.  I got just a little time to play a little Oblivion while relaxing at lunch.  I am now finished with the Dark Brotherhood storyline!  Only the Thieves Guild left to go in the main storylines of the main game and I am almost at the end of that as well.  The end is within sight.  Well, the end of the main game.  I have not even attempted to enter the Shivering Isles yet.  Many hours of gameplay in there yet to go.

The Ledigs decided that Texas was so awesome that they are going to stay another day so we are hanging out this evening.

After work we met up with Kevin and Pam at the apartment and from there drove up to Carrollton so that they could see our new house – especially now that we are very confident that everything is going well and that we should be into the house reliably in November.

After seeing the house it was down to Boston’s to get pizza for dinner.

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