October 4, 2010: Our Seven Year Anniversary

Dominica and I have been married for seven years today!

I woke up at four thirty this morning.  I tried getting back to sleep for a while but had little success so I just got up and headed into the office.  I took my time but still arrived around six forty five.  Pretty early.  I walked in in complete darkness and it was rather chilly on the walk.  It was probably not chilly by traditional standards but having been in Texas for nearly a year now I guess that I am adapting to some degree.

Pretty busy morning.  The weather stayed nice and cool which was great.  Texas in the autumn is really nice.  Although nothing compares to New York with the leaves changing.  We are missing that already and this is our first year away.

Busy day but not insane like it has been.  I didn’t get to go home for lunch until one thirty, though.  That was very late.  I went home and Dominica made vegetarian sloppy joes and we watched a little of the fourth season of 30 Rock. Liesl was awake the whole time I was home so we got to hang out.

I left work a little “early”, although I was there for ten hours so early is a relative term, and went home at four thirty to spend time with Dominica for our anniversary.

We got some Jamba Juice shortly after I got home as a treat.   I made it during “happy hour” when the large drinks are the price of a medium!  Good to know.  I am learning all of the happy hour tricks locally this week.

For our anniversary dinner we got Thai from Blu Ginger.  I got pad Thai and Liesl ate quite a bit of it.  She really liked it.

Amazon had delivered A Good Man in Africa this afternoon and I have not seen it in almost a decade.  A Good Man in Africa was one of my great finds on laserdisc way back during my early movie collecting days but as my laserdisc player died very shortly after Dominica and I met she has never seen this movie even though it was one of the most watched and well known of my early collection.  So we watched this while we had dinner.  I feel like the DVD didn’t look as good as the LD did but that is probably my imagination.  I didn’t have a 1080p LCD to show off the flaws in the LD.  The movie is a classic and I had forgotten just how many great people were in it.  Dominica thought that it was okay.

After the movie we watched quite a bit of 30 Rock. That is a really great show that I have seen very little of.  Dominica watches it and I catch it from time to time when she has been watching it but that is about all.  I really should sit down and watch it from the beginning.  Very good show.

Liesl was in a great mood this evening and we just played and played.  Aligning my work schedule to her waking hours is working out great.  Today we got almost nine hours together!  Very few working dads managed to get that kind of time on a working day with their toddlers.  I only missed a few morning hours with her.  It is hardly like I was away at work at all today.

Liesl was up until after midnight tonight.  Pretty late, even by her standards.

Just before going to bed I received an email that made me rather upset.  I’ve lost a lot of sleep over the past week because of an issue that I am not yet at liberty to discuss publicly but I can say that it is a professional issue but not one at work, just in case anyone reading thought that it might be them 😉  But I am very saddened by a turn that events have taken and I have a lot of contemplating to do before tomorrow.  Likely I will not get very good sleep tonight either.  I thought that I had mostly resolved this particular issue early this morning by distancing myself from the situation and extracting my involvement from the community in question but that appears to have done little so I am drawn back in for the moment.

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