November 10, 2010: LMI Event

The day today was pretty uneventful.  Brian was up super early this morning so that he could drive on down to Houston for the day for work.  He was out the door around four in the morning!

Work was work.  Nothing special.

I left work “on time” today, which feels an awful lot like “early”, and drove up to Dallas proper to attend LogMeIn’s local user group event.  They rented some space in a nice hotel and put on a very nice show for their loyal customers.  Getting free dinner and drinks goes a long way to offsetting the costs of these services sometimes.

Traffic was terrible getting over the Mockingbird Lane.  It took me at least twice as long as I had expected and I spent most of the time just sitting in stopped traffic.  That was a mess.

The venue was great for the LMI event.  Watson was already there as were Jeff and his wife whom we had run into in Austin two weeks ago!  That was a bit of a surprise.  Jeff and his wife had met up with the gang at the hotel in Austin on the patio on the night when I had blown my tire and had returned to the hotel for an extra day.

The food was excellent and there was an open bar.  The presentation was not too long, maybe an hour at most.  Two local customers spoke about how they used LMI and then LMI engineering gave a talk introducing some newer features and some upcoming ones.  It was interesting and a good use of time.

After the LMI event, Watson and I drove over to the Ranch to meet up with Souder and some people there.  We were not there for very long.  Souder had managed to get back from Houston just about the time that we were going over to the LMI event.  He did basically nothing but drive all day.

I brought home dinner for Dominica and we called it an early night.  Tomorrow is going to be a very long day as I have to be up at four to drive Souder to the airport so that he can fly back to Philly and then, tomorrow night, dad is flying in from Rochester.

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