December 12, 2010: Battlestar Galactica 1978

The Grices got up super early this morning and were on the road long before we got up.  The Millers all slept in until almost ten.  Boy did we need it.  We are really worn out.  Getting into this house has really taken a toll on us.

We did some cleanup today but not too much.  The house is still somewhat messy from the party but not too bad.  Mostly wrapping paper and paper plates.

Dominica watched The Money Pit to make herself feel better about our house situation.  I half watched it as I went around the house trying to clean and get stuff red up.

Our big project today is watching Battlestar Galactica from bed.  It isn’t like we have anywhere else from where to watch.  The only television that we have set up in the house is the Samsung in our bedroom.  It works pretty well there but boy do we wish that we had a couch or loveseat to put at the foot of our bed.  Sitting in the bed to watch television is very reminiscent of our days in Newark at Eleven80 when we had our television mounted above the closet in our bedroom and would sit on the bed to watch it.  It makes for a nice, clean living room but it makes actually watching television a bit awkward.  Liesl likes it, though, because she can snuggle in my lap while we watch.  Working from my laptop is a chore, though.

We made it through several episodes before turning in on the early side.  I got a lot of work done from my laptop today.  But I am still anxious to get my office set up.  Electrical issues need to be addressed before we can really do that, though.

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