December 14, 2010: Dinner at Pappadeaux

I got woken up by a call this morning.  So I got to start my day working at seven.  No fun.  I ended up on the phone for seventy-five minutes first thing in the morning.  At least I was able to make myself some coffee.

Liesl ended up waking up before I was able to make it away for the office.  So I put on a Dora DVD for her and spent a little time sitting with her watching it, as she asked me to do.  She just likes me to sit with her when she does things, which is awesome but it makes it very hard to get things done that need my attention and with the new house a lot of things need my attention.

Normal day at work.  For lunch, Dan and I went to La Cima.  It was a great lunch buffet today.  Cedar plank salmon on the carving station, corn ragout and red wine risotto.  Nice change of pace.  Unfortunately we got caught going to lunch very late and had to race back to get to a conference call so no time to relax at the club for us today.  I hope to make it tomorrow night for pasta night.  Haven’t made it in a while.

I got home at a good time today.  I am starting to learn the tricks of getting around during rush hour without getting caught on the non-moving toll roads.

Dominica felt like going out for dinner tonight so we decided to go out to Pappadeaux’s since Liesl was already awake.  So it was an early dinner for us.  Dominica has never been to Pappadeaux’s before and I have only been at the DFW Airport.  The menu is very extensive and for a fish lover like me it is really good.  I got the Texas Redfish on the Half Shell with lump crab and asparagus.  It was very good and not too unhealthy.

After dinner we went home.  It felt really late but was, in actuality, just after eight when we got home.  An early night.

I put in some time working from the laptop at the bar while we cleaned some in the house.  We spoke to John about the electric tonight.  He is definitely concerned that it is not necessarily safe the way that it is.  We need to get the electric company to come out and verify the service on the outside of the house.  Need to get everything internally checked as well.  It is going to be quite expensive to get all of this fixed.  What a mess.  We need to get started on replacing all of our outlets around the house as a first step while we are waiting for John to have an opportunity to come out and really look into the electric which he cannot do until January.

Liesl got her Christmas Letter from Santa today.  She thought that that was pretty cool.  She loves pictures so it was perfect timing for her.

We went to bed pretty early.  I have to get up at six tomorrow as I have an early meeting at a different campus than I normally drive into so while it is not all that early I do need to get out there extra early to ensure that I am able to find it without a problem.

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