November 26, 2010: Casual Black Friday

Dominica did manage to get up at four this morning to do some Black Friday deal searching online.  Not the great deals that you get in the stores but not too shabby either.  It is amazing how much of the shopping has been moving to online deals this year.  I don’t remember it being like this at all in past years.  I think that the frenzy of Black Friday shopping at stores, while generating a lot of traffic, also scares a lot of people away and that online retailers have realized that they can capitalize on that as well.

I am working today but from home.  No one is in the office as it is the holiday in-between day.  Early this morning, after I started working, Dominica and Francesca went out for several hours of shopping now that the insane crowds have died down and I stayed home to babysit.  Luckily having the older girls means that they entertain the toddlers and watch Clara so that I was able to work effectively.

Their shopping actually went really well today and they managed to get most of the deals that they were looking to get sans a few really big items that were basically impossible to get on the Black Friday deals anyway.  So it turned out to probably be the best strategy to just wait and shop today rather than last night.

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