January 12, 2011: Day 2, No Water

We really were not expecting there to be any water for us this morning.  It is so cold over night, dropping into the low twenties, that there is no way that there would be water if there was not during the day.  And it is not due to be warm enough today that there is even really any chance of us getting water even this afternoon, even with the sun shining brightly.  It is only ever supposed to break the freezing barrier for a tiny period and only just by the smallest of margins.  We are effectively trapped until at least tomorrow when the forecast at least gives us several hours worth of thawing temperatures and at least several degrees above the freezing mark.  Maybe, just maybe, there will be water tomorrow evening.  Maybe.

I’m obviously working from home.  It’s not like I can shower or anything.  We are in really rough shape – just like we thought that we were going to be in a month ago when we couldn’t get our water turned on.  We can’t use the bathroom, can’t shower, can’t get drinks, can’t do laundry or dishes, can’t clean up after Oreo or Liesl make a mess, etc.  The plants are taking it pretty hard too as the heater is really running trying to make the house warm to avoid any additional freezing so the air is super dry and the plants are all wilting.  But we don’t have the water that we need in order to water them.  This is pretty rough.

Late this morning, Dominica, Liesl and I drove over to Las Colinas and I worked from the apartment rather than from the house.  We took showers there which was awesome.

While we were at the apartment suddenly I got the calendar reminder that Dominica had a doctor’s appointment right then.  She had forgotten about it entirely but fortunately had used the calendar and had added it to mine as well so I told her and, in a panic, she ran out the door and made the appointment.  Good thing that we were at the apartment just ten minutes away rather than being over twenty minutes away as we would be if she was coming from the house instead.

On the way home from the apartment we stopped off at Jack in the Box and got a bite to eat.  We are not cooking anything at the house as we cannot add water, don’t have water for safety and have no means by which to wash up afterward.  So any food on dishes is rather a problem already.

I’ve decided, after this meal, that I am going to start fasting – for obvious reasons.  Issues with food are far less centered around the creation and acquisition of it as around the disposal of it.

No luck on water this afternoon.  It never got very warm and we were back below freezing by evening.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

I skipped dinner, as intended, and we watched a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica 2.0 before heading off to bed at a reasonable time.  Dominica has an eight o’clock doctor’s appointment tomorrow so she has to be up hours before her usual time.  Liesl is enjoying BG and likes snuggling up in bed with us to watch it.  Much like I probably did at the same at as the original Battlestar Galactica was new on television at the same age for me that we are watching it now with Liesl.

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