January 14, 2011: A Day with Water

Our first full day with water.  We were getting pretty stressed out without it.  No idea what to do.  It feels so great to get up, shower and be able to go to the office. I’m not the go to the office type but having the flexibility to do so is nice.

I got caught working from home for a few hours today so it was ten by the time that I went in.  It is in the forties today so pretty nice here in Texas.

I went out to lunch at Mercado Juarez with one of the admin teams at work.  Fish tacos, but not very good ones.  The quality is good, just not a style that I am in to.  I will stick with their cheese enchiladas, I think.

The office was not too busy today.  There was a fair amount of evening deployments but while the volume was pretty high, they were mostly done on the early side so I was able to leave the office at a pretty good time.

I got home and Dominica made veggie sausage and peppers for dinner which we ate while we watching some of Battlestar Galactica: Season 2.5 which we are almost halfway through by the end of the evening.  It, like the season before it 2.0, is rather short.  The two together are only barely the length of a normal season.

We did some light cleaning around the house but decided to get to bed on the early side.  We are all so tired.  We have a busy day tomorrow with the Brians, Jen and Maggie coming over in the early afternoon and staying for much of the day.  So we need to get up in the morning and do some serious house cleaning.

We are liking our house much more now that we have water again!

I found out at work today that Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. day which, of course, I was oblivious to.  So this is actually a three day weekend for me which is awesome.  I love getting unexpected holidays.  After so much of my life working places where I didn’t get anything like a holiday it is continuously amazing to me that I get days off from time to time.  And since I never got them before I have no inherent feel for when they are in the year, either.  Having one this soon after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays really throws me off.

Enjoy your long weekend everyone!

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