January 18, 2011: Grey Visits

I slept in a lot this morning.  This happened because, miraculously, Liesl did not wake up.  Normally she is my little alarm clock always getting me up some time between seven and eight in the morning.  Today I woke up on my own at nine thirty and she was still asleep!  So I jumped out of bed and worked from home for forty-five minutes or so while I got ready and then ran into the office.  No traffic with which to contend when you go in this late which is nice.

This morning was spent talking to my bank in New York to see if they would be able to provide some of the financing for the house that we want to buy.  They were unsure but didn’t see it as being out of the question and they hope to have an answer for us in a day or two.

At lunch I picked up Souder and we went over to La Cima for the buffet which looked really good today – Mahi Mahi for a nice change.  We did a short lunch and I was back in the office on the early side.

I talked to my mortgage broker and we worked out some plans this afternoon.  It sounds like the mortgage won’t be too much of a problem as long as the bank in New York is okay with the other loan.  This is our first time intentionally purchasing an investment property so things work differently than we are used to and there is a learning curve, again.  Even though this is our fourth time buying a house, we still have a lot to learn.  It is funny that we have now bought and sold more houses than our real estate agent has!  Sort of funny, anyway.  I never thought of myself as a real estate person so I am surprised by myself attempting to invest in real estate.  It does make for an interesting change over traditional securities investing.

Work was pretty slow today which was great as it gave me time to get the financing all lined up and taken care of.  By the end of the day, around six, we got our official pre-approval on the mortgage so we are legally all set to proceed with an offer.  We don’t want to do that, though, until we have our other components lined up so this is just a first step and not a final one.  We are hopeful that the rest of the loan will get approved tomorrow.

After work I came home and Grey came over as he is in town from Denver for a few days and we all went out to dinner at Ruchi Palace which is very near our new home.  This is our first time going to Ruchi Palace and our first time getting Indian in Carrollton so we were excited to get to try it out.  They have dosa too, which is very cool.

Dinner was quite good.  They were slow and the food took forever but everything was fresh made for us and delicious.  The dosa was not as good as we used to get in South Brunswick, New Jersey which we really miss but it was good and we will be going back to get it often, I am sure.  Dominica was so desperate to get Indian that she ordered two dinners for herself in addition to the appetizers that we got!  She didn’t even get much past the first half of the first entree.  So we had a lot to bring home.  The curry that she got was some of the best that I had ever tried so I’m sure that we will be back here a lot and the price was pretty reasonable.

After dinner Souder came over to the house and he, Grey and I hung out until almost one in the morning.  We are all getting together for pasta night at La Cima tomorrow as well.

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