January 26, 2011: And Still No Word

And yet another day and no word on the house.  This is getting to be a bit crazy.  We are moving forward with our usual spending rather than holding back funds for the house.  We can’t completely stop our lives while waiting for someone to bother to make a decision about this.  This is just silly.

I finally got paid today.  Haven’t been paid for a month which is a bit nerve-wracking.  We have a lot of bills coming up this week – it is the end of the month when everything is due.

There was frost on my car today, which was surprising, as it is pretty nice out.  My car was out front in the sun too.

I got into the office early today, around eight.  It is a little chilly here early in the mornings but by midday we are in the high fifties which is awfully nice.

Today was a very busy day.  FOMC Rates announcement is today so that takes an hour chunk out of the middle of my day.

This morning was Liesl’s doctor’s appointment.  She got three shots and some other stuff like a finger prick which I think was her blood lead test.  She was not very happy but she was a really good trooper and was great for everyone.  Once she got a lollipop, though, everything was okay.

I had to go to a really early, and short, lunch today.  That’s fine.  I generally take long lunches so I’m the last person who can get to complain about having to rush.  I ran over to Rockfish at eleven forty-five and ate very quickly.  As I was alone and clearly didn’t have a lot of time, they had my food out in about five minutes.

Brian and Tara joined me for the last few minutes of lunch before I had to jet back to the office.  I was back by a quarter after noon.  Very fast lunch.

I had hours of conference calls that, for some reason, were all during lunch today.

This afternoon the contractor was up at the house doing some additional work.  Brian went up to do some cabling as well.  Lots going on in that garage.

I was supposed to do some shopping at Home Depot today with the contractor but he ended up being sick so we postponed that until tomorrow.

On my way home I stopped by at Walmart to pick up baking soda for Dominica as she was baking a cake for dessert tonight.  What a madhouse it was there.

I got home and discovered that there was no power in the garage.  Brian had been doing some work out there on something else and touched a wire and an outlet exploded.  So this was destined to be a lot of fun.

Brian ended up working for like six hours just trying to get the electrical fixed in the garage and kitchen.  What a pain.  The wiring is a mess and we discovered one thing wrong after another.  There was very little for me to do since I don’t know much of anything about house wiring.

Finally, after midnight, the electrical started working.  Pheww.

We are pretty sure that tons and tons of electrical work needs to be done on the house for safety purposes.  The electric is a total disaster.  This is going to cost us a fortune and that isn’t going to be fun.

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