January 28, 2011: Very Long Day

My work day started at six in the morning today.  After less than four hours of sleep, that was kind of rough.  Today is going to be a very, very long day.

I worked from home for a little bit this morning, just until eight, so for the first two hours.  At eight thirty I needed to meet up with the real estate agent to deal with paperwork for the new house.  Right as I left home the meeting was rescheduled to nine thirty instead.  So off to the office I went for an hour before going to Coldwell.

It is a weird thing, buying a third house.  In some ways, buying houses is getting to be pretty commonplace.  I’ve now bought a total of four houses (or well have by mid-February) which is nearly as many houses as I have purchased cars.  I only have purchased more cars because that number includes cars that I have purchased for Dominica, the car that my parents basically gave to me and the very inexpensive convertible that I bought just for fun.  One house in 2003, one in 2008, one in 2010 and now one in 2011.  Definitely since 2008 we have gone through more houses than cars.

Work was quite busy today.  Just running from one thing to another all day.

I went home for lunch.  I had leftovers that Dominica prepared for me.  We talked over what was going on with the house, made some plans, talked about when people are coming to visit us and when we are traveling.

Dominica was about to put our fridge on freecycle when we realized that we now have another house that needs a fridge!  So, in the interim between now and May we are going to lug the fridge over from the garage to the new house so that it can be put to use there.  Awesome.  Now we don’t have to worry about buying a fridge for over there for several months.  That is good because that is the single largest expenditure that we know has to be done there.

Liesl was already asleep when I got home for lunch which is very, very early for her to be taking a nap.  The caffeine last night really messed with her schedule.  She doesn’t know what is going on now.

I got back to work and walked into a small disaster.  Dealt with that for an hour and a half while, apparently, everyone was trying to reach me.  Then I had to run out to get the earnest money to our agent so that she could get it to the selling bank to wrap up our house stuff for the day.

And after that… back to the office for the Friday night deployments which were of epic scale tonight.  Doing deployments tonight was on the same scale that it used to be like years ago.  Four hours of deployments for me tonight.  Of all nights for it to be like this, on a night when I had started work so early.

So it was nearly eight in the evening when I was finally able to get on the road and drive back home.  At least traffic has died down considerably by that time, especially on a Friday when most people leave work a little early.

Watson came over this evening to do some work.  He got to the house long before I did since I got stuck at work so late.

Dominica made dinner tonight – homemade pizza.  Her first time ever, I believe.  Certainly the first time that she has made pizza for me.  It was pretty good.  She is not used to the ovens yet so it got burnt some because it ran on pre-heat the entire time instead of going to the normal cooking mode.  Good for a first attempt.  We will be having homemade pizza more often now – healthier and cheaper.

Watson and I did a conference call and didn’t hang out too long.  Tomorrow is probably going to be a busy day.  The garage construction has been being held off but we expect that it will start tomorrow so that will keep us very busy indeed.

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