January 4, 2011: Home Again

It is awesome to be back home with our own space and our own stuff.  You really miss your home when you have just bought a new one and then immediately leave it for an extended period of time.  We were away from our new house for more than half the time that we had gotten to live in it.

Liesl went to bed around eight last night and Dominica and I were asleep around nine.  I slept for eleven hours getting up at seven this morning.  I pretty much am back to normal after the driving marathon that we did yesterday.

I had taken today off from being in the office, more as a precaution than anything else.  I knew that I would be completely exhausted and even if I got in last night, like I did, that I would not want to get up this morning and go hunting for my razor, work clothes, etc.  I need some time to acclimate to being back in Texas and need to get things done around the house too.  So I am just at home today.

Souder came up to the house late this morning.  Not long after he got there Jeff and Sarah Pierce came up as this is their final day in Texas.  They leave for their move to Sunny Vale, California first thing tomorrow morning so this is our last chance to see them before they go.  We are lucky that we managed to cross paths at all.

We all went out to Denny’s in Carrollton up on Frankford for lunch.  Then it was back to the office for us and the Pierces were off for their final prep for them move.  At least they managed to stop by and see our new house before they left.

I will be back into the office tomorrow.  It was nice getting a day to just “be” in my house.  When you buy a house you don’t really want to be away from it for a while.  You want to spend time in it and putter around getting things put away or whatever.  We still have a lot to do from our initial move in and it would be awfully nice if we could get some of that actually done.

We still have the horrible electrical issues.  We will be dealing with that more thoroughly this week.  Maybe we can get that resolved.  That has been hanging over our heads.

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