January 7, 2011: Battlestar Galactica, Remake

It’s Friday.  I love short weeks.  Only three days of actually being in the office this week.  Very nice.  I drove down to the office this morning.  Doing lunch at the club today.

I picked up Souder at a quarter till noon and we run over to La Cima where we were meeting Tim, the other Souder, for lunch in the dining room.  We had a nice lunch and got a chance to relax.  It was a good lunch today.  I skipped the buffet today and went for the real menu for a change.

Today is the last day of the SEC freeze so there is pretty much nothing going on at work except for incessant explanations as to when the freeze actually ends, which is midnight tonight eastern time.  So while there is no real work for me to do tonight there is a fair amount stacking up for me to do tomorrow.

After I got home at a decent time tonight, we relaxed and watched the first season of the remake of Battlestar Galactica.  We managed to finish the entire original 1978 series.  We had wanted to go back and watch the ten episode long 1980 series but realized when we went to start it that the first three episodes were not available on Netflix OnDemand and that we would have to get it via emailed DVD.  What a pain.  So while we are waiting on that we moved on to the remake series from 2003.

We are totally loving the new Battlestar Galactica.  The remake is completely awesome.  Great writing, amazing updates and explanations that make the original series seem even better.  They’ve done good things with most of the characters, made interesting changes and, I think the best part, they went back and explained why so many things in the original series were so quirky.  Like why this advanced culture was using wired phones.  They actually explained that in a reasonable way.

We are totally addicted to watching Battlestar Galactica now.  Even Liesl really likes it.  It is neat watching these with her because I was two when I first watched these and now she is watching some of the same episodes that I watched long ago at her age as well as watching new ones that are from her own generation.

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