January 31, 2011: No Heat

We got up early this morning and all drove down to Home Depot to meet up with Souder to pick out switches, sensors, lighting, fixtures, etc.  Another bill of over a grand in building supplies.  Ugh.  But we have some awesome updates for the house now too.  We decided to back off on getting the most awesome wall outlets and stuff that we could – it just isn’t worth the amount of money that it would cost to do it the way that we want to but we are able to do nice and safe pretty inexpensively so we decided to go with that.  But we did go pretty nice on the switches and motion sensors and stuff which will be nice as we have been living in a house where every switch is broken or worn out for over a month now and it has been driving us crazy.  And we are replacing most of the pointless dimmers with normal switches now.  Most of the rooms that had them would never reasonably be dimmed anyway.

I ran off to work as early as I could.  What a day it is set to be.  Up early and running late to get to work anyway.  I’m feeling exhausted.

Work was busy this morning.  Then I tried to go home for lunch.  I made it home just in time for Dominica to tell me that the guys were off at Home Depot buying stuff.  Well of course I needed to be there to pay for it.  So I turned around and ran down there as quickly as I could.

It ended up taking forever just to get some wire cut and check out since Bank of America decided that something crazy must be going on with all of these charges happening in Texas so they suspended my card.  So that took a while to deal with.

By the time that we were done at Home Depot, I had to get down to work straight away.  Dominica had made lunch too but I didn’t make it back to the house at all.  I didn’t even get to see Liesl, even for a second, and she had been calling for me too.  🙁

On the way back to the office I hit the gas station and grabbed food there.  Not much of a lunch but it will do.  It has to, I suppose.

Work was busy this evening and went pretty late.  On my way home after work I had to stop off at Lowe’s to pick up a power strip as the power in the garage is all interrupted and we need power strips to be able to be online this weekend as everything is just sitting on the floor.

I got home and everyone had already left.  Dominica took me out to the garage to show me the disaster… the ceiling had collapsed!  About one half of the conversion side of the garage’s ceiling had come down.  What a mess it was in there.

So we have basic Internet access tonight but that is about it.  Not much power and the house is pretty cold.  They said that they got the furnace working before they left, though.

So the house kept getting colder and colder.  This past weekend it had been nearly eighty degrees here in Carrollton but tomorrow we are supposed to see temperatures as low as fourteen degrees!  Talk about a rapid change.  This is nuts.

I did some checking and there is definitely no heat on in the house even though the fans have been running.  I went outside with a flashlight and determined that the power running from the house to the heatpump did not exist.  There were some wires but nothing attached.  This is going to be a rough night.

So we turned off the furnace and snuggled in for the night.  Lots of blankets for us.  So we are heading into the coldest day in as long as anyone can remember in Texas without any heat.  This is going to be rough.  The faucets are dripping, fingers are crossed.

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