April 6, 2011: Finally Back to Pasta Night

After work today I ran home just in time to get Dominica, Liesl and Souder loaded up and we headed back on down to Las Colinas to go to La Cima for Pasta Night.  It has been quite a while since we could make it down for pasta night.  Maybe like a month which is awful since it is such a great value.  We really need to work hard not to miss it.

Dinner was nice, it was great to be back at the club.  Watson met us there too.  We are turning into those people that just use it once in a blue moon rather than being regulars.  We have just been so busy recently.  Imagine how hard it will be once we have the little one in less than three weeks (LESS THAN THREE WEEKS!)

Dominica has been working like crazy the last couple weeks and she is pretty stressed out about it.  She worked all day today and there were tickets coming in for her during dinner as well.  We all decided to not let her see the tickets until after dinner.

We got back to the house and all three of us ended up working for several hours.  Dominica was probably busy until one or two in the morning!  It was a crazy night of work but she wound up being able to resolve some really critical customer issues and her stress level went way, way done because of that.  So she will be able to sleep far better tonight.

As crappy as it is to have so much work that needs to be done, it is awfully nice that we are able to work together as a family.  It is so much nicer than normal families who, at best, just discuss their days in general terms.  We really get to do a lot more together.

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