March 28, 2011: Beginning of a Very Busy Week

This week was a very busy one for me.  Brian is mostly back to normal today and is back in action after more than a week of being pretty much useless.  He was seriously sick and still is not back to normal but is doing mostly okay at this point.  It is clear now that he is on the road to recovery, at least.

Dominica has been very busy, still, with work.  She has been working more the last week or so than she has for months.  This is not good as her laptop is in horrible shape too.  The motherboard was damaged by someone visiting us and now she has to baby the power cord of the machine loses power and just dies.  The battery died months ago or more and the keyboard hasn’t worked well since HP replaced it some time ago.  The laptop is just getting worse and worse but we don’t have the money right now to use to replace it so we are stuck for the moment.  I am thinking about getting a MacBook Air to replace my own laptop and then Dominica would be free to use mine.  That’s a great plan if only we had money to get a MacBook Air now and if the Air was in the latest revision which I want to wait for before purchasing anyway.  I’m hoping that a new version of the Air comes out at the same time that Mac OSX Lion comes out this summer.  So we are trying to figure out what to do.  What a pain.  Very bad timing for her laptop to be having issues.

I’ll be mostly out of commission this week so don’t expect too many posts.

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