March 30, 2011: Club Day

For lunch today I had a meeting at La Cima so I got to go over and have lunch there.  It has been weeks since I have had a chance to eat over there from what I can remember.    It was nice to get over there.  I miss it when I am gone for too long.

My big event was a young professionals meet up at the Dallas Tower Club this evening – so today ended up being a double club day for me.  I almost never get a chance to go to downtown Dallas even though it is only minutes away and I look at it every day.  Although I go far, far more often than Dominica does.  In fact, now that I think about it, I can only think of one occasion when Dominica has gone in to the city at all.  She did the same thing when we lived in New York City – she may have gone in to the city no more than five times in the years that we lived there even though I worked in the city every day.

The Tower Club was awesome.  It has been renovated far more recently than has La Cima and it is much larger and higher up on the forty-eighth floor on the Thanksgiving Tower.  It has one of the most commanding views of the city of Dallas.  In 1982 it was the second tallest building in the city and is now the eighth.  It is around the twentieth tallest in the state at 635 feet, fifty stories.  It is amazing seeing Dallas from up so high – it is not the developed city that you imagine.  Looking to the east you really get a sense of the city just stopping.  It just drops off, very weird for such a massive city.

After the networking event we stayed at the club and had dinner there.  It’s good to be a member!  This is my first time, after being a Club Corp member for a year, of taking advantage of a different club other than La Cima.  It was really easy and a lot of fun to get to check out a different crowd.  The Tower Club is far more lively than La Cima – quite a different feel.  And they are much more lounge oriented rather than La Cima that really focuses on the dinning room.

I went home via the “backroads” winding through Dallas to the north.  It gave me a chance to experience Highland Park which is absolutely amazing.  I had no idea that there was an area like that in Dallas.  Very nice indeed.

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