May 7, 2011: Mother’s Day Shopping

I do not have all that much worked scheduled for today.  It is a beautiful day here in Texas.  The sun is out but it is not too warm.  I worked from my office for an hour or two this morning until Dominica and the girls were up and ready to head out of the house.

Dominica already sort of got a mother’s day present last week while she was in the hospital – I got her the limited edition mother’s day bracelet from Very Bradley.  But that was also a “new mother” present.  So today, since it is really hard for me to pick out bags for her, I took her and the girls shopping at the Vintage House in downtown Carrollton so that Dominica could pick out her own new summer bag.

We had a nice time.  Liesl really liked going bag shopping with mommy and thought that the store was a lot of fun.

After we were done shopping we decided to take a little drive since the weather was so nice and the girls were falling asleep in the car.  Dominica has not gotten to see Brookhaven yet and didn’t know exactly where it was so we started by driving down there so that she could see it and the area around it.

From Brookhaven we drove out to Richardson, Texas to which neither of us had been before and found Canyon Creek Country Club and checked out the area around there.  There was a wedding underway there and while we could still go in there we decided against it since we didn’t know our way around the facility.  Canyon Creek is pretty close to home for us and has a driving range so I am considering using that as my location for hitting a few rounds of balls.  I’m hoping to be able to get out and use the driving range a bit over the next several weeks as I am going to be taking golf lessons through La Cima starting on Tuesday of this week.

We got back in the middle of the afternoon and the girls slept for a while.  I got back to work and was as productive as possible for the afternoon.

This evening Dominica and I kicked off watching the fifth season of Dr. Who from Netflix.  This is the third doctor since the new series started.  The last one was so good that this one has a lot to live up to.  He is crippled out of the gate because so many people are unhappy that the last doctor left the show so they aren’t going to be happy no matter how good the actor ends up being.

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