May 9, 2011: Wrapping Up Medifast Week 1

Medifast Status: Day 7, Down ~9lbs

I got up early this morning and worked at the house for a little while.  I am back to work as of Thursday afternoon so I went into the office today as well.  It was on the late side that I got in because I spent the morning helping out at the house.

I got in to the office just in time to pick up some of the guys and go over to La Cima for lunch.  It was a late lunch and the club was nearly empty by the time that we got there.  I had a blackened fish salad today.  Eating at the club is one of the easiest places while on the Medifast diet since they will just make whatever I need.

So far the diet is going okay but it is tough.  Eating so little and having so much of it be so boring and bland is really hard.  I’m losing the desire to eat altogether, which is not good.

After work, the family went out shopping in Plano at Academy.  I needed to pick up some sneakers as I have none currently, golf shoes, glove, etc.  Not a lot of stuff but a few necessity.  Dominica and I both ended up getting Sketchers Tone Up shoes to help us to get additional exercise when walking.  We will see how well they work.

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