June 4, 2011: Happy 65th Dad!

Medifast Status: Day 33, Down ~22lbs

Today is my dad’s sixty-fifth birthday.

The big move was moving the television from the fireplace into the girls’ playroom (aka “the den”, aka “the dining room.”)  Having the television in the living room has been driving me crazy.  It makes the house look awful and it causes that large, main section of the house to become Liesl’s playroom which is a bit of a disaster.  Her toys end up sprawling all over the house and it is all that anyone ever sees when they look at our home.

Getting the television and a bit of the furniture moved into the playroom (which we did the other day) really makes the living room feel open and clean (or cleaner, anyway.)  There is lots of room to move around now and the house feels much more open and bigger.  It also causes us to really use a room that we have never spent time in before now.  It’s kind of like getting a free room.

We really have shifted our usage patterns in our house pretty significantly from when we first moved in.  It used to be that I worked from the back bedroom as my makeshift office and we would watch Netflix from our bedroom – all in the “private” wing of the house.  Then we moved to the living room (middle of the house) for entertainment.  Then my office was completed and I started working out of the new office at the far extreme point of the house from the “old” office.  Now we have shifted our entertainment area from the middle of the house to being right next to the new office.  So we have shifted completely from using the south side of the house to the north.

We did a bit of redding up as well as Liesl’s sprawling disaster needed to be handled.  What a mess the living room turns into practically overnight.  It is amazing.  She loves to just take every container of toys that she owns and empty it all over the living room and the play room – not to mention her bedroom and ours as well and sometimes our bathroom.

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