July 11, 2011: Working from Dad’s

Medifast Status: Day 70, Down ~38.5lbs

Today is my one day at home without anything significantly on the docket.  Dominica and Bennie left from Frankfort early this morning to drive to Rochester so that Dominica could drop him off at the airport.  He is flying back to Houston today so that he can return to work.

It was around lunchtime when Dominica got down to the house.  We were all going to try to go out to lunch but I ended up being really busy with work so dad and Dominica went on their own and I stayed home working.  They brought back some food for me.

It was a very busy day for me working.  I was pretty much stuck in the office all day just trying to keep up with the work demands.

We had noticed yesterday that my SafeWord which is part of my two factor authentication system for accessing the office remotely was burned out (likely a security feature from multiple bad PIN attempts) so I am working today from a temporary key that I was able to get this morning from the helpdesk.  I can tell already that this is going to be a really rough week.

Danielle was over several times today and Art came with her one time too.

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