July 2, 2011: Checking Out the Bistro

Medifast Status: Day 61, Down ~38.5lbs

For lunch today Emily and I walked to The Bistro, a new restaurant than opened in January on Main Street in Frankfort, and got take away for the family.  It is a small restaurant in what used to be a pizza parlor.  I spoke to the owners and they said that they are doing well there.  There is no question that it is a unique dining experience here in Frankfort.

I am working all weekend this weekend, which is unfortunate as it is a three day weekend, but as there was the funeral last weekend and the wedding next this was the only option.  So I spent the day on the laptop working mostly as if it was a normal work day.

I mostly brought home food for Dominica.  Due to a miscommunication between the people at the house and those of us at The Bistro, I ended up bringing home two sandwiches instead of one.  The upside was that we got to try more of their food.  Notably we tried the portobello mushroom panini which was excellent – and Liesl ended up eating at least half of it herself!  We also got to try the eggplant parm sub which was quite good too.  I am very sad that there is no real food from The Bistro for me to eat.  My diet just makes it way too hard to get anything at a normal restaurant and they have no fish options here.

For dinner this evening we all went out to Denny’s in Herkimer.  Other than that it was a rather quiet evening.


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