June 10, 2011: Quest for Blood Tests

Medifast Status: Day 39, Down ~26lbs

I stopped to get super cheap gas at the gas station by the house this morning.  The one that Francesca and I discovered having incredibly cheap fuel recently.  Gas was $3.34 per gallon this morning.

I keep hearing from people how gas is going to hit $5 this summer but gas sure seems to be staying pretty affordable.  I don’t foresee even $4 being hit let alone $5.  I think people are generally just hysterical.

I had to run down to Quest Diagnostics this morning to get blood work done for Medifast.  I’ve been quite remiss in getting this done and today I just have to have it done.  I had to cancel a few Medifast trainer appointments already because I was not able to get it done.

It’s been pretty hot here in Texas.  I had a call this afternoon and it was so hot that my sweat kept causing the phone to cut out.  I’m wishing that I owned a car with air conditioning.  Boy would that be nice.

I had a Medifast appointment this afternoon.  They are pretty happy with my progress at this point.  I’m doing well.

On my way home after work, which was pretty late, I picked up Rockfish and brought it home for dinner.  It was after nine when I finally got home with dinner.

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