June 15, 2011: Dinner at the Club

Medifast Status: Day 44, Down ~28lbs

This afternoon we went out for a late family lunch outing to La Cima.  Liesl and Luciana are so good when going out to lunch.  Luciana is so calm, she is the easiest baby ever.  Liesl still does very well for a toddler.  She is, of course, a struggle but she tries hard.  Being two and a half doesn’t make for an easy time but she does surprisingly well and loves going to the club.  She gets very excited when we go.

We barely made it in time for lunch today.  They had to hold the kitchen open just for us.

We have figured out that if Dominica and the girls pick me up from work we are able to have a lot more time together at lunch and it works out well to go to La Cima to hang out.  Everyone really enjoys doing that for lunch and really likes that it gives us a lot more time together as a family.

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