August 28, 2011: Voyager

Medifast Status: Day 118, Down ~51.5lbs

Another one pound down today!  It would appear that my weight loss has kicked back in again.  Yay!  I’m remaining pretty close to having lost half a pound per day for four months.  That’s pretty awesome.

Today is another quiet day at home.  Nothing planned and little to do.  Did a little more cleaning today and some work in the office.  I have been working my way through some C# and MVC3 tutorials, slowly, as I get time.  I had set it up and started on one yesterday.  I’ve always been working on testing PBX in a Flash builds this weekend which I have not used in many, many generations of the product.

I stayed home with Liesl for a while today while Dominica and Luciana went out to do some quick grocery shopping.  We were running low on supplies.

Dominica did some work on my Database Administrator class from University of Illinois.  She has been putting that off for months.  I am hoping that she can wrap it up quickly.  My classes at RIT start this week.  We are attempting to figure out if there is any way for me to get student loans to help with the cost but so far things do not look very promising.

I was logged in to the office most of the day checking in regularly to see what was going on with the storm up in New York.  The New York area got hit with the storm this morning and there is heavy rain and high winds.  We are looking like we will weather it not so badly but there is going to be a lot of flooding one way or another.  It is turning out to not be nearly as bad as everyone had feared.  We have heard nothing about our own house in Peekskill yet. I suppose that no news is good news, for the most part.  Or it means that there is no power and the house was swept away in the storm.

We started watching Star Trek: Voyager today.  This is one of the “new” Star Trek series.  “New” meaning that it is newer than when I have watched Star Trek.  Through my childhood I watched Star Trek in reruns and the Star Trek cartoon in reruns and watched, new, all of TNG.  But TNG went off of the air – its final season being my senior year of high school.  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had started a year earlier and I had seen the first season but it was not very good at all compared to TNG and so I lost interest.  It was fine to watch when nothing else was on.  But it was hardly an event to get to watch an episode.

Once I went to college I did not have access to television for quite some time.  I remember when Voyager was announced and everyone thought that it would be a big deal.  But somehow I missed seeing it, at all, until today.  Sixteen years later and I now have an entire Star Trek series that I have never seen in any way whatsoever.  I have no idea of the plot, the characters or the setting.  So it is pretty exciting to get to watch it now.

Voyager retains much of the look of TNG while carrying that generic 1990s sci-fi show look that you also see in Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1 and others during the trendy sci-fi era that was occurring them.  I missed all of these shows when they were new.  I missed practically all television after 1994.  It is really amazing how little I have seen television from that era.  Most everything that I know from then I have seen more recently because I saw it on DVD or even more recently on Netflix and Hulu.

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