July 30, 2011: Dominica Starts Medifast Too

Medifast Status: Day 89, Down ~42.5lbs

I tried to sleep in this morning but Luciana wanted to get up and Dominica was up so late painting last night so I took Luciana and got up and hung out in the play room for several hours on our own.  She was perfectly happy with me holding her so we just sat in the arm chair and attempted to play some video games.

For the first time I tried out New Super Mario Bros. Wii on the Wii.  This is the spiritual successor to the old Super Mario Bros. games of the ’80s and ’90s.  NSMBWii feels just like you are playing a traditional Mario game like Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World (Super Mario Bros. 4) and in many ways, I think, should be considered Super Mario Bros. 5.  It is like you stepped back to 1991 and Nintendo just brought out a sequel to Super Mario World.  Technically there was a sequel in 1995 on the SNES called Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island but everyone called it Yoshi’s Island and as it was really a Yoshi game and not a Mario game it is often not considered to be a traditional member of the series.

No matter what, playing NSMBWii was fun and I enjoyed going back in time a bit.  The graphics are great and the gameplay is solid.  Finally something really impressive on the Wii – not that anything in the game wasn’t possible on the SNES or N64, let alone the GameCube, but still.  I have not yet gotten to play NSMBWii with multiple players but that could be really cool.  I’m looking forward to seeing how well that works.

I played through the first world in NSMBWii and decided that that was enough for one sitting.  It is cute and all but I can’t play it for very long.  Just like the old Super Mario games, it gets old pretty quickly.  There is effectively no storyline in these games (they would actually be improved by having none at all – what they have is so awful that it detracts from the game) and all you do is jump so it wears thin pretty quickly.

I started playing a little more of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.  I did not get to play very much before Dominica got up.  I got maybe another two hours in.  Dominica slept in very, very late.  It was a quarter after eleven when I sent Liesl to wake her up.

Dominica decided to start on MediFast today.  She is not going to use a trainer, like I do, that is just too expensive – especially when I already see a trainer every week and we have a really good grasp as to what she should be doing.  We have five of us now in the DFW area doing MediFast so we have like our own support group.  No need for her to be seeing an additional trainer to get feedback.

We worked around the house for a while and I worked for the office a bit, but not too much.  Then, around two thirty, Dominica decided that we needed some new furniture so we ran to Walmart and bought a deck set of two chairs, a love seat and a coffee table to put on our back patio.  We really made out.  We went because we thought that the $300 set that Dominica wanted was on sale for $180.  It turned out that when we paid it was reduced even further to just $149!  Talk about getting a deal.

We got home and barely had time to shower, change, check in with the office and get out the door for our dinner reservations at La Cima.  I had totally forgotten about them today.  Today is the last chance for us to use our Plus meal that we have left for July so we had to make reservations several days ago and it completely slipped my mind.  The reservation was at six but we were thinking six thirty.  So we were decently late for dinner.

It was a busy night as expected.  We sat in the back corner of the dining room.  Liesl was really good tonight considering how tired she was.  She was falling asleep while we were out shopping.  She had asked to bring her pacifier along with her while shopping because she was so tired even before we left.  She really needed a nap then.  After shopping, while we were showering, she napped for maybe an hour but was really upset when I woke her up to get dressed for the club.

Liesl took her Care Bear and her blanket up to the club with her and spent much of the evening slumped in her chair semi-napping.  She never actually fell asleep but was very subdued.  She did, however, perk up and eat her dinner – peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well as a bit of sun-dried tomato bread.  Luciana was pretty quiet tonight too.

The girls were so good that a couple of different tables even remarked to us as we left as to what wonderfully behaved children we have.  A miracle, to be sure.

After we got home I worked for a while and then joined Dominica in working around the house.  We were up quite late again.  Dominica managed to get the two chairs and the loveseat assembled by the time that we went to bed.  The two chairs were moved out on to the patio.  The loveseat is still in the living room.

It was around one in the morning when I finally got to get back to my Twilight Princess game that had been on pause all day long.  I played for maybe thirty more minutes attempting to get to a point where I could save my game and shut down the Wii for the night.  I am now, at around four and a half hours of actually game play time, nearly as far in this game as Dominica has made it when she was playing it several years ago.

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