September 28, 2011: Second Week of Cocktails & Connections

Medifast Status: Day 149, Down ~60.5lbs

We are heading towards a high of ninety-nine again tomorrow.  After that the weather is supposed to break and it is supposed to be nice from here on out.  This is pretty hot for “nearly October” though.  Dominica and Nicole are taking the kids to the Fort Worth Zoo tomorrow.  Once again Dominica manages to pick this hottest possible day for that.  We only seem to go when it is really hot.  At least this time, in theory, there will be no one else there.  From the zoo she and the girls are hitting the road directly to drive down to Houston.  So I will be a bachelour as of tomorrow morning.  Just Oreo and I for the weekend which is probably good since I have just loads and loads of stuff to do for RIT.

Work was very slow this morning so John and I hit the cafe on the corner and had some coffee and worked from BlackBerry for a little bit before returning to the office.  Totally silent morning, just nothing happening at all.  Just the way that I like it.

Oreo has a doctor’s appointment today so I worked through lunch and then ran home just in time for Dominica to take him to the vet at two and I watched the girls for a little bit and then ran back to the office once his appointment was over.  His mange is getting really bad and his eye really is not improving.  But other than the somewhat superficial issues, he is in very good health.  The vet felt that he was reacting poorly to the level of medication that he has been receiving so we are taking him off of that for a little bit.

After work I had my second week of the Cocktails and Connections at La Cima.  We had another pretty good turn out this week.  We have a good group that is beginning to form.  We had a really nice time hanging out for about two hours and then several of us headed in to the dining room to have dinner together.

Dominica, Liesl and Luciana joined us in time for dinner and everyone seemed to really enjoy getting to meet the girls who really were on exceptionally good behaviour all evening.

We were at the club quite late tonight.  It was well after ten when we got back home.  Liesl asked for one episode of Dora before going to bed.  Luciana was asleep on the drive home and ended up spending the night sleeping in her car seat.  That is probably not good since she is going to be in that all day tomorrow too.

We all went to bed as soon as we could manage it.

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