October 9, 2011: Homework Panic

Medifast Status: Day 160, Down ~63lbs

Today is my homework day.  I didn’t start off the day really thinking that I had that much to do.  Some, but not that much.  Plenty to do for next week but only a little that was due today and I already had a small start on it so I had assumed that it would not be all that bad.  I was wrong.

By mid-afternoon my partner on one of my project teams realized that we had a major paper that was due today by eleven this evening (central time) so we had to go from ground zero to completed paper in no time flat.  That made for a very crazy day.  We had been thinking that it was due next week, not this week, so we were planning on working on something else today and focusing on this for this coming week.

So my entire day revolved around homework.  Fortunately nearly all of my own personal homework was already done, more than fifty percent of it at least, so I was able to focus on that, pump it out and get to work on the big team project.  My partner was farther behind both in her personal homework also due today but also in other classes.  It turned out that she had no spare time and I was pretty much left doing the team project on my own.  In many ways, though, that was a blessing because without the need for coordination I was able to move much faster.


It was an exhausting day.  I managed to wrap up my homework and turn with eight minutes to spare.  The upside, and this is pretty major, is that by having this catch us like it did today we were able to do it in a panic and get it over and down with.  Now it will not be hanging over us for the next few weeks like we thought that it would.  It is a big relief to get it down and now we can move on to focusing on other projects that need our attention.

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