November 26, 2011: Play Room Shelves

Medifast Status: Day 208, Down ~70lbs

Ah Saturday.  And a holiday Saturday so there is nothing scheduled with the office and very little pressing on my time.  At least nothing that cannot wait until Monday.  I am pretty much taking this weekend off and doing nothing, which I really need.

I put in a bit of garage and attic time this morning.  I did a bit of cleaning out there and moved a lot of stuff up into the attic.  I threw out some junk that we didn’t need anymore and found some stuff that we had been missing in bins including my two good Yamaha recorders which Emily was happy to see since she is playing the recorder at school.

Bennie and I ran out to Home Depot this morning and got shelf mounting supplies.  He then mounted our media shelf onto the wall in the play room so that we can move the television stand out of there.  Now there is a ton more floor space and the room feels like it is really opened up.  It looks so much better and the PS3, XBOX 360 and Wii all fit up there just fine too.  So much better.  Now  I have to move the television stand up into the attic.

Madeline spent most of the day playing Epic Mickey on the Wii.  She is really enjoying it and it is nice to see her playing a “real” video game.  It has a decent story and a lot of people cycled through the room watching her play.  Finally the Wii is actually getting some use.

So today I managed to get some time in playing Oblivion.  Some real time that is.  Maybe as much as three hours.  I managed to close out a number of quests and can see the light at the end of the tunnel, sort of.  There is more left of the game than I had realized, I think, but nothing that I can’t knock out in about ten hours, I hope.  I am trying to be a bit systematic and work through it methodically and just get it done.  I would feel bad leaving stuff uncompleted but I don’t want to waste time either.  I’ve seen all of the Oblivion scenery that I need to see at this point and just want to get it done and move on.  I think that I will move on to Assassin’s Creed which I have had on the back burner for three years.

Before everyone turned in for the night we tore apart all of the theatre furniture in the living room.  Bennie was going to load it all up in his truck and take it down to Houston today but we ended up with some horrible weather and he was unable to do that so we just got it staged by the door tonight so that they can take it out in the morning.  The house is going to be really empty after this.

After everyone went to bed, Dominica and I stayed up for a little bit in the play room and she worked on the computer and I started playing Infamous which we got free as a download when Sony had that issue when all of our accounts got hacked.  I hadn’t really been interested in it but GameInformer listed it as one of the “must play” games of the generation so I figured that it was worth a look.  I played maybe an hour at most.  It wasn’t bad.  Very different from what I normally play but a change isn’t a bad thing.

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