October 24, 2011: Art Gets to Work

Medifast Status: Day 175, Down ~64lbs

For those wondering why the theme suddenly changed back, there was a theme update and it totally broke the new site theme.  So we are back to the old one now.  Oh well.  I’ll look for something new soon.  We need to change things up a little.

I’m back in the office today.  The Ralstons are here and today is a bit of a less busy day as everyone tries to catch up some from the craziness of last week and all of the driving.

Art got a start on the first of the projects around the house.  He is going to be pretty busy for the next week or so.  There is just so much to do around the house.  We can’t wait to have things working better.  This house has been tough.  We love it but there is just so much work to be done.

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