December 24, 2011: Christmas Eve in Houston

Medifast Status: Day 235, Down ~72lbs

Christmas is one of those rare holidays where everything at the office completely stops and I really do not need to worry about checking in at all.  I can just disconnect and disappear.  Ah, I love it.

Mostly today was a very relaxing day.  Just hanging out with the family.  Lots of food.

We went to mass this evening at the church near to Joe and Britt’s house.  This is our first time going to this particular church.  We got there early but it was already standing room only.

After church we did dinner at the Tocco’s and then Dominica went back over to the Grices’ with her parents to help with the setup for Christmas morning.  I stayed with Oreo who is very nervous and anxious with so many people and dogs around and so much space that he does not know his way around.  He has been having a really hard time being down in Houston so I am trying my best to keep him calm and relaxed.

Dominica was gone for several hours.  Oreo and I went to bed very early and put in some time listening to books on Audible.  Audible has become a Christmas tradition for me.  We are always out of town for the holidays and both traveling as well as being out of town make me want to use Audible to listen to books.  I have been doing this for several years now and I am beginning to associate the holidays with book reading.

It was probably one in the morning when Dominica got back to Joe and Britt’s house.  I’m not sure exactly when it was as Oreo and I were already fast asleep.

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