February 16, 2012: HP Luncheon

Medifast Status: Day 289, Down ~76.5lbs (23.5lbs to go)

After my long day yesterday I refused to get up early this morning and slept in until a quarter to eight.  Not really “sleeping in” per se but more of a normal time.  Definitely did not get up early.

I went into the office this morning.  Work was busy today, just like it has been all week, but not so busy that I had no time to relax whatsoever.  What we did have today was Hewlett-Packard in the office giving a two and a half hour presentation on the new Generation 8 Proliant servers which was really interesting.  Unfortunately that happened during my lunch break so I was in that meeting from noon until two thirty which meant no time at home to relax and visit with my family and it meant that the rest of the work day was that much busier because I lost all of that productive time, but the presentation was valuable so it was time well spent.

HP did provide lunch, of course, during the presentation.  I made sure that no one else was going to eat the food provided before getting some for myself.  It was totally cheating on my diet – it was sandwiches from Jimmy John’s.  So I really, really was not supposed to have that but this was a surprise meeting and I had been planning on being home for lunch and did not bring any food and they provided food so I didn’t want to pass it up if no one else was going to eat it.  I am really going to pay for this on my weigh in tomorrow.  This week has been horrible for my diet.

We had our regular terminate slash pest control visit today.  Being from New York we are still not used to having to do that on a regular basis.  I’m glad that we have a contract and someone that comes out all of the time.  It does not take much for your house to get overrun with insects down here.  We don’t have that many when we step outside – it isn’t like we are overcome by insects.  But the ones that we do have seem to have little issue finding their way into the house.  The ants are especially bad down here.

The afternoon was not too bad and while it was busy I did not have to stay late.  I got home and Dominica had food waiting for me.  We had had some miscommunications there.  I thought that she knew that I was eating at the office.  It was a lean dinner, though, so I went ahead and ate two meals today.  I’ve got a very rough diet fortnight coming up.  Today was quite bad.

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