February 18, 2012: The Painting Begins

Medifast Status: Day 291, Down ~76.5lbs (23.5lbs to go)

Today begins our crazy painting weekend.  We have SpiceCorps DFW meeting at our home on Tuesday and my father is coming to visit for a week starting on Wednesday so we only have a very small window from now until we need to have everything done.  There is a ton to do too.  It is not just painting but we need to get the house cleaned up – really cleaned up.

We did a bit of preparation today in order to begin painting.  The house is going to be a real mess until the painting is completed as we need to move everything in order to do it.  We are also working on getting stuff moved up to the attic and stuff from the house moved out in to the garage.

Moving stuff around in the garage resulted in a wall of garbage stacking up against the garage door.  The garage is so full of stuff that we can barely move out there.  My office is also filling up pretty quickly.

Joe came over this evening and helped us to get set up with some of the basics for the painting – mostly helping with things like patching the walls and stuff like that.

We did not start painting tonight.  We decided that that would really start tomorrow morning.  But everything is ready at this point.  We took down the blinds today.  We talked about it and decided that we really needed to just do away with the awful vertical blinds that came with the house.  They are all broken and old and look just terrible in the front windows.  Even if we manage to open them, which we never completely have, they block a ridiculous amount of light while providing no effective insulation.  We will come up with a good replacement for them sometime soon.

What a difference taking the blinds down makes.  The house is ten times brighter.  That alone makes the house feel like a new home.  I’ve been railing against those blinds since we first moved in but even I am amazed by what a difference it made taking them down.  I am already much happier about having purchased this house.  It really looks great.

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