February 6, 2012: Getting the Server Room Running

Medifast Status: Day 279, Down ~74.5lbs (26lbs to go)

I went into the office this morning.  I’ve been reading Janet Evanovich’s sixth book in the Stephanie Plum adventure series, “Hot Six.”  I will be done with it very soon.  I am only one dozen titles behind in the series now.

I came home late for lunch today and decided to just stay home and work from there this afternoon.  No one needed me at the office and there is always so much to do at the house.  Liesl and Luciana are always very happy when I stay home even if they do not get a lot of chance to see me during that time.

We did a little cleaning in the house today.  My office especially is making good progress towards not being the disaster that it has been.  Still a lot more to do, but we are making progress.

What we really need to do is to paint the living room.  We have a major SpiceCorps event that is going to happen at our house in two weeks and we really want to get the living room painted before that.  And then the day after that my dad is coming down to visit so there is no chance to paint between the two events.  There is not much time to accomplish all of that between now and then, however.  The living room is the last major area of the house needing fresh paint.

I ended up working late this evening on lots of little projects.  The big one is attempting to get the server room up and running.  It has been sitting there for so long without being used except as our wiring closet and handling the one little Netgear ReadyNAS that I have stored in there.  I got one of the HP Proliant DL145 G3 units racked, stacked and powered on but did not get around to actually working on it.  I will leave that task for tomorrow.  This is my OpenSuse/Xen server platform for the house.

Tonight I started reading longer form stories for Liesl.  Traditionally we have been reading pretty short books from people like Sandra Boynton.  We would read several but each was very, very short with very little story.  Liesl is ready for something longer.   So tonight we starting reading some classics from my own childhood.  My dad bought Liesl a lot of books for her birthday and in there were a lot of classics.  The shorter ones, like the Little Golden Books, I have been introducing for a while but now we went on to books that I remember my mother reading to me when I was very little.  Liesl really liked that.

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