February 8, 2012: Dominica Packing for Houston

Medifast Status: Day 281, Down ~75.5lbs (24.5lbs to go)

Another pound down.  I am feeling like I am in the home stretch now.  Past the 75% mark of my total hoped-for loss.  Seeing weight come off day to day again is awesome.

Normal day in the office for me today.  Came home at lunch and we ate at the house.  We were supposed to go to a new member reception at Brookhaven tonight but neither of us really felt like taking the effort.  So we think that likely we will skip that tonight and just stay in.

The afternoon was kind of busy and I did not get home until a little on the late side.  Luciana was already in bed and we thought that she had gone down to sleep for the night but it turned out that she got up later on in the evening and stayed up pretty late hanging out with her daddy.

There has been a change of plans and Dominica and the girls are packing tonight and leaving for Houston around the time that I leave for the office in the morning.  So they are going to be down there for four days.

We watched most of one episode of Up All Night but could not even make it through the pilot due to there being so much to do.  Dominica was doing laundry and packing.  I got called and had to work for several hours.  It ended up being a rather frantic night, in reality.

When I put Liesl to bed this evening she asked me to read her the same book that we read last night , “Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel“, because she really liked it.  I am so glad that she likes that book.  I have such fond memories of that one from being Liesl’s age myself.


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