February 25, 2012: 36

Medifast Status: Day 298, Down ~76.5lbs (23.5lbs to go)

Yup, today is my birthday and I am thirty six years old.   I’m starting to feel a little older.  Dad certainly feels a lot older today.  Seeing me turn 36 and seeing my two little girls running around the house (well, Liesl runs and Luciana crawls nearly as quickly) has really got to make him feel a lot older.  Sorry dad 😉

We got moving pretty slowly this morning.  Around half past noon we headed out to take the girls out to Dallas to the museums.  The weather is really beautiful today and it is our opportunity for a complete family outing.  I was quite excited to learn that we are able to take the train all the way from home to Fair Park where the museums are.  Very cool.  It is very odd that I have managed to travel into Dallas two days in a row via the train when I have gone so long without having an opportunity to ride it at all.

Liesl especially really enjoyed riding on the train.  This was Dominica’s first time really seeing the DART let alone riding it.  She was impressed by how low stress and easy to use it was.  Hopefully she will feel that she is able to use it after this.

The train ride proved to be highly cost effective and easy.  No changing trains or anything.  Just a straight shot through to the far side of Dallas.  We bought round trip tickets which are technically not the cheapest option but for an extra fifty cents each we had the options of riding anytime, not needing to buy tickets later and having hop on, hop off service all day long.  For the family to go all that distance was just twelve dollars for the whole day.  The DART is awesome.

We got to Fair Park and took the girls first to the natural history museum.  We were not there long as it is very small and really lacks much to interest the girls (or anyone, I would say.)  It was almost entirely a collection of local animals that had paid an unfortunate visit to the taxidermist.

Next we went to the science museum which was much better.  There was a play area for Luciana and several kids areas that worked well for Liesl.  They both had a ton of fun playing.  Dad and Dominica took Luciana and I took Liesl for much of the museum.

We grabbed a snack for lunch before leaving.  Then, on the way out of Fair Park, Liesl spent some time attempting to climb the large mammoth statue by shimmying up its trunk.  She did not get very far.

This evening Dominica ran out and met Joe as he was delivering down the rest of the stuff that they had been working on last night.

Dominica was being sneaky and had actually gotten Joe to make me some really cool stuff for my birthday.  Dominica got me an engraved wine kit with my monogram on it and two engraved bottles of a cabernet frank blend (she was unable to find pure cabernet frank here in Texas.)  It is really cool.  Joe also made for me a wine glass set of four wine glasses each with an M engraved into them.  Dominica definitely managed to surprised me with this!

My other birthday present that I get in a month is Dominica taking me to see one of my all time favourite bands, Pink Martini, play in Dallas.  They are playing downtown so we are planning on taking the train down to make it all nice and easy.  Plus getting to ride the train is a little bit of a treat as well.

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