March 2, 2012: New Blinds

Medifast Status: Day 304, Down ~76.5lbs (23.5lbs to go)

On my drive in this morning I produced a second podcast.  I kind of like podcasting from the car, it is a good use of my otherwise wasted time.

I had to make a trek over to UPS today to send out some packages.  So I combined that trip with a run over to Medifast for my weekly weigh in.  I actually had a pretty good weigh in this week.  It was a record low weigh in for Medifast but not a record low weigh in for me personally.  So no new goal for me today.

Today was another extremely busy work day.  Once again, like yesterday, I got stuck working right through lunch – my UPS run and Medifast stop used up any spare time that I had.  No break for me.

I did some script writing today and now have a script that monitors for spurious activity on the PBX.  That will come in real handy.

This evening Joe was over and he helped hang the blinds in the living room.  They look great.  We won’t have a really good feel for them until tomorrow when there is sunlight but as of right now they really look good and they actually make the living room much brighter at night because they hold so much more light in the house rather than having our living room lights light up the front yard.  They are very attractive.  I’m quite glad that we got these.

The new blinds are translucent but are multi-cell so they block an awful lot and they insulate, we hope, significantly.



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