April 2, 2012: Cafe Brazil Again

Today is a short week at the office.  Or at least we thought that it was.  Friday will be Good Friday and we traditional have that day off.  We found out today that we don’t actually have Friday off, that was from our old schedule, and now we are officially working but we are going to run the day as much as possible like a day off.  However, Non-Farm Payroll is still being announced Friday morning so I have to be up at six thirty for that.  No fun.

I really don’t feel last night’s walk in my legs.  I am feeling good today.  Walking ten miles (sixteen kilometers) is apparently just an easy walk for me now.  Losing the weight really makes this a lot easier.

I had my Medifast meeting this morning then I ran over to Panera to get some coffee for the office.

After work I got home and Dominica was ready to return to Cafe Brazil.  So we went out for another walk, about four miles, and got dinner there again.  We are really becoming regulars.  We need to watch how much we do that, though, as it is quite a bit more expensive than just going to the country club.

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