April 25, 2012: The Exterminator Cometh

I am home from work today.  The weather is awesome and we still have all of the windows open.  I love all of the fresh air that we are able to get in Texas.  We learn to withstand the house being incredibly warm in exchange for warm air.  It was eighty seven degrees in the house today and we were mostly pretty comfortable.  I only switched to shorts today when I needed to work in the garage and my home office doesn’t even have any windows.

Dominica had to run out to do some shopping (mostly returns, actually) today so I was home alone with the girls for a while.  We loaded up the Acadia today with tons of stuff that is heading off to Goodwill as soon as we can get there.  We had to clean in the garage today because the exterminators are coming today.  They normally come quarterly but we had to move up our quarterly inspection because we are going to be out of town when it normally happens.  But as we have seen rat(s) in the garage we need something done right away.

So in the early afternoon we did some cleaning in the garage.  Not a lot but enough so that the exterminator could get around.  Our garage is a total disaster.  Mostly painting stuff and kids toys.

The exterminator came around three.  He looked around and there is definitely evidence of a rat but he feels like it might just be a single rat and not a pack of them.  He and I went up into the attic and found scarce evidence there with the only really obvious thing being Dominica’s Vera Bradley luggage’s castors being completely destroyed from the rat chewing on them to keep its teeth from growing too long.  There was a large pile of caster rubber bits under the luggage.  Very weird to find.

It looks like the rat(s) mostly just hang out in the garage.  So the exterminator put down blocks and hopefully that will be that.  We really like our exterminators, they do a great job and are very inexpensive and friendly.  Anyone needing an exterminator in the DFW, let us know.

I had my class at RIT this evening.  So I was in the office for a while watching that.  Then, later on this evening, Chris, who is going to be house sitting for us while we are away, stopped by to hang out.  He lives around the corner, well within our walking area and we have walked by his house on a few occasions and we see him jogging in our area from time to time, but has not been to our house before.

Luciana went to bed shortly after Chris went to work (he teaches dancing in the evenings.)  Luciana is talking more and more.   She still has very few words but she is making the sounds of sentences so it sounds like she is reacting to things around her in a foreign language.  It is such a cute age.

Dominica sent me out to pick up some dinner.  So I ran to Redneck Heaven and picked up salads and shrimp for dinner and brought them back home.  We ate dinner and watched the latest episodes of  “Hot in Cleveland” and “Happily Divorced.”  Liesl was in a snuggle mood and sat with me on the arm chair as she likes to do, under a blanket.  She is the snuggliest toddler ever.

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