March 26, 2012: Rockfish Mondays

Back to the work week.  Very little to report for today.  Some days are just like that.

Went to Medifast at nine this morning and did my check in.  It wasn’t a great check in but it was cautiously good.  I’m nearly back to my low weight and making progress.  We decided that I have to begin “transition” at Medifast, even though I am a few pounds away from my original goal, because if I do not I am going to be unprepared for getting to Europe.  My body needs to be back to “normal” food before we get there or things are going to be really tough.  So this week I get to eat all of my veggies again, not just the low carb ones, and next week I get to start having fruit again.  That will be nice.  I miss a lot of those flavours.

Work was work.  Went home for lunch.  Had a half hour meeting with Dell today.

After work I stopped at Rockfish and picked up dinner for the family.  Dominica always wants me to get Rockfish on Fridays but they take forever on Fridays because they are busier and I always have to work late so I am tired and trying to get home.  Mondays is the only day that makes sense because the club is not open so we aren’t wasting an opportunity to eat there affordably in exchange with spending more at Rockfish.

Slow night, we are a bit tired after the concert last night.  At least we pulled off a nice walk after the concert and got ourselves some exercise.

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