March 7, 2012: Restaurant Latinos #2

Medifast Status: Day 309, Down ~76.5lbs (23.5lbs to go)

Tonight, after work, Dominica sent me over to Restaurant Latinos #2 to pick up dinner.  That proved to be more difficult than we would have hoped.  No one in the restaurant when I went there spoke English, at all.  That was a little bit challenging.  I did my best to point and explain.  They make the common restaurant mistake of cranking the music way, way up so that even if I spoke the best Spanish in the world they would not be able to hear me.  That we are communicating in Spanish is really inconsequential given that I could hear nothing additional in English with the signal to noise ratio that they have going on in there.

I finally got our dinners and it was, more or less, what I had intended to order.  Dominica got the same smoked fish that she had last time (with the head and everything) and really liked and I decided to try the fried fish instead.  The fried fish proved to be very good and is not battered so that it is fried is really not much of a health concern.  It was a pretty healthy fish and quite tasty.  I will get that again there.

We ate dinner and watched some television.  Quiet evening.

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