April 30, 2012: Caffeine Free

I can’t believe that we are already up to the end of April.  We have been talking about this vacation in May for so long that it seemed like some far off dream – something that we would never actually do.  And here we are, days away.  The month is here already!  What is amazing to me is that many people take vacations every year.  If they do they must spend their entire year planning their vacations.  How do people find the time to do this?

Today marks one entire week that I have been caffeine free.  I dropped the caffeine cold turkey a week ago today and haven’t had any problems at all.  I wanted to get off of the caffeine for three reasons.  One for my heart – even though my check-ins each week are good I would like them to be better, second for the money since we spend so much on coffee and soda and third because caffeine is a problem for international travels dealing with jet lag.  One of the best ways to fight it is to not have any caffeine.

So, in theory, I am ready for Europe now.  Just over one more week to go without caffeine and I will be standing on the tarmac in jolly ol’ England.  I’m going to have enough to deal with when we get there without dealing with jet lag too.

I’m busy reading “Under the Tuscan Sun” having finished the first two sequels.  I decided that going back would be good.  The books is nothing, whatsoever like the movie other than both are set in the same general region of Italy in the same century.  Very weird.  They must have just really like the name of the book and winged it from there.

On my way home from work I went to Rockfish and picked up dinner for the family.  We haven’t done Rockfish in a while.  After grabbing the fish I ran across the street to Yogurt Zone and picked up froyo for Dominica, Liesl and I as well.

While driving home I finished “Under the Tuscan Sun” and moved on to reading “Everyday in Tuscany” which is Frances Mayes’ twenty year anniversary retrospective on her life in Tuscany.  The original book was started in 1990 and this one in 2010.

We watched some more of Travels with Kids tonight.  We’ve now seen all of their mainland European shows which are almost entirely places that we are not going with Venice being the only exception.  At least we got some good ideas about Venice.  We will be there for one day now with our finalized plans.

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