May 11, 2012: Jeremy and Rachael’s Wedding

No time to sleep in this morning.  I was up around eight.  Okay, that is sleeping in a little, but not very much.  That is only around seven hours of sleep at best and that is after getting absolutely zero sleep last night since I drove through the night.  So I am going to be pretty tired all day.

Pretty much first thing this morning Danielle came up and picked me up so that we could run down to Perry to do some banking.  We got down there, did the banking and then grabbed some coffee from the “new” coffee shop that is open on Main Street now.  We then headed out to Warsaw to get Tim Horton’s coffee and donuts and from there drove back to dad’s via Wyoming.

We stopped in Wyoming so that I could see what had happened to the town.  This is my first time being back to Wyoming in years and while I was aware that all of the businesses had packed up and left I really did not have a good feel for how bad it was.  There is truly almost nothing left.  The grocery store is still there as is one little office on a side street and a tiny little bank branch that has extremely limited hours – basically just an ATM.  Everything else is gone.  The pub is gone, the Christmas shop, the ice cream place, the antique store, the knick knack place, the cafe down the street, the bed and breakfast, the inn and many more businesses… all gone.  It is nearly a ghost town.  So sad.

Then we were back to dad’s house where I worked as much as I could until it was time for the wedding.  Danielle stopped back up briefly with Michael so that we could see him as neither Min nor I have seen him in a few years now – not since picking him up when he returned from Africa.

The wedding is in Geneva which is about two hours from dad’s house (allowing the necessary time for everything) and is being held at Belhurst Castle Winery on Seneca Lake and is at three in the afternoon so dad and I had to leave the house very early.

We had a really nice time at the wedding.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  They could not have asked for a better day.  Bright sun, light breeze, perfect day on the lake.  My guitar teacher played the music for their wedding as well so I got a chance to hang out with him.  Ralph gave me my first guitar lesson twenty-nine years ago this year.  That is hard to believe.

I danced a bit tonight – hoping to burn off some of the pasta from dinner.  My aunt Ruth was in attendance today so I got to spend some time with her.

On the way home to dad’s house we stopped off at Tom Wahl’s to get some additional protein.  Tomorrow is going to be a long, exhausting day and I will definitely be needing my energy.

We got back to the house and the Toccos were still there so we visited for twenty minutes at most and they headed off to Rochester to go to the Country Inn and Suites where they are staying.  We got right off to bed.  We have to be up around seven tomorrow and on the road by around eight so that we can get up to Rochester, meet Dominica’s parents for breakfast, eat and get to the airport in time.  So much to do.

This is our last night with Oreo for six weeks.  That makes us very sad.  His health is not good and we hate to leave him behind.  He is almost never sleeping in bed with us now and has been like this for weeks.  He slept on the floor at the foot of our bed tonight.

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