May 20, 2012: Homework Day

We finally have our first real post on Kidding Around Europe: Arriving in the UK.

Luciana got us up early this morning around six thirty.  Not what we needed.  We spent hours trying to get her to fall back asleep and did manage to but only for a tiny bit.  Liesl tried her best to sleep through it all and did, more or less.

At eight thirty we went downstairs to breakfast and got our day started.  Today is my “all homework” day with nothing planned, or allowed, except for doing coursework.

It was an exhausting day of work.   I worked solidly for hours.  In the middle of the afternoon we took a break so that we could go out for dinner.  We went to Chobocar on the Martk for dinner.  It was quite good.  We split flatbread pizza and a salmon quiche.  We are really struggling with the huge amount of bread eaten constantly here in Europe.  This is the opposite of our diet back home.  All carbs, no protein.  The food is all really good, though.  Liesl is doing great with trying and eating new foods that are outside of her norm.

After dinner we got some ice cream and walked around.  We are discovering that ice cream here is so much better than back home.  It is also in much more reasonable quantities which makes it make more sense that people eat it all of the time.

After our food and a stroll along the Rhine it was back to the hotel where I worked on homework all night.  I worked all evening and on until around one thirty in the morning.  At that point I submitted what I had.  I am hoping that I did what the professor is looking for.  I am way, way behind on the class and am really under the gun at this point.  I have a ton more work due this Friday – but at least this Friday night is when both my work for the office as well as my course work are all completely done and there is nothing past that point.  Saturday morning begins my real vacation which, after all of this, I am going to be pretty desperate to get to.

Tomorrow our plan is to get up and go out on a Rhine river cruise in the morning.

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