May 8, 2012: T-Minus One Day

This is it.  Today is our last full day in Texas for a long time.  We will be on the road to New York in the middle of tomorrow afternoon.  It seems surreal.

I got up at seven this morning and got right to work.  So much to do.  We are not really ready at all.  There is so much to do and so much to think of when you are going to be traveling for this length of time.

My day was crazy busy just trying to get as much work done as possible so that I would be ready to go.  I am working from home today so that we have more opportunity to do things.  Not that it makes all that much difference at this point.  We are down to the wire.

Around twelve thirty Dominica ran off for her final hair cut before we go.  She wants her hair a lot shorter so that it is easier to deal with while we are traveling.  I need to remember to shave my head tomorrow morning as well.  Want as little to deal with once we leave Texas as possible.

I will be going to work tomorrow and leaving the moment that they don’t need me anymore.  Likely around 4:05 since most of my real work typically wraps up before 4:00.

Liesl is really excited to be going on vacation and going to New York to see her grandparents.  She can barely contain herself.  Little does she realize (or remember) just how long the car trip is and then how long the flight is going to be and then the train ride once we arrive.  Between tomorrow afternoon and Sunday morning there will be twenty-four hours of driving, nearly ten hours of flights and about three or four hours of trains.  Not to mention a six hour layover at JFK with nothing to do.

We tried to get to bed early tonight but it was probably midnight anyway before we actually turned in.  Tomorrow is going to be a very long day.  So much to do before we leave and then… the drive.

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