July 21, 2012: Family Weekend

Finally a weekend at home with my family.  No plans for today but to hang out with the kids at the house.  Not going anywhere, not really doing anything.

I got up early with the kids this morning and Dominica slept in for a while.  So the girls and I had some time to just play on our own.  Both of them were up pretty early.

I got to play a bit of Mass Effect 3 today.  I am nearing the end of the game so while I could I advanced on it a bit.  Liesl had a ton of fun watching me to “resource gathering.”  In the game you fly around to different systems and explore planets looking for resources and sometimes the bad guys show up and chase you.  Liesl watched intently for hours and would say “Daddy, you found something!”  Or “Scan that one daddy!”  She really had fun.  Part of the time she snuggled with me on the couch.  Part of the time she was in the living room showing Luciana how to play with her old toys and was watching through the opening in the playroom wall.  So cute.

I can’t wait until my girls are old enough to really play games that are more fun.  Liesl is starting to get there, she has been playing the Lego video games.  We figured out that the 360 and PS3 are much easier for her to use than the Wii.  Nintendo is so into whacky controls that Liesl gets confused with their bizarre controllers.  But the joysticks she can just use and they make sense to her.

We did some cleaning today.  The house is, of course, a disaster of toys as the girls explore their toy collections again.  And it is a mess from all of the stuff that came back from our vacation and from storage at dad’s.  We only have until Friday before Dominica’s parents come to visit so we want it to be cleaned up by then.  There is a lot to do.

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