July 4, 2012: Mass Effect 2 Day

Today was set aside for me to do nothing.  I have to work this coming weekend so in some ways today is my weekend.  I set up in the play room with the lounge chair moved directly in front of the television, end table sitting beside me with the Folio 13 sitting on it and got to work.  There is a ton of Mass Effect left to go and I need to work through it all.  I want to get this game done before my family returns to Texas.

My day was a good one, did almost nothing all day.  Just sat in the lounge chair and played Mass Effect 2 and drank Red Stag Honey Tea.

I did not manage to finish the game but I made an incredible amount of progress and am very near to the end.  I have just the “final trigger” to go which will trigger me to finish the game.  I expect several hours of gameplay remain, but I am nearing the final stretch in which I will have very few choices to make, or so I anticipate.

The family was at the regular Fourth of July Doty family reunion in Waverly, New York.

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