July 7, 2012: Weekend Coverage and Mass Effect

Saturday.  My weekend coverage weekend for the office is this weekend.  How many times can I say weekend in one sentence?  Three.  This is perfect timing since the family is not here so I can get my work out of the way while I am home alone rather than while they are here.

There was not all that much work to do today so I got plenty of time to relax and get some stuff down around the house.  Although I actually did very little of that.  What I actually did mostly was play Mass Effect.  Making good progress in the game.  Mass Effect 3 is really awesome.

I got to talk to Liesl via FaceTime today.  What a lifesaver that is.  With FaceTime Liesl will hold the iPhone and talk to me for hours.  She is so cute.  Sadly Luciana is not big enough yet to know what to do with the iPhone.  She can kind of tell that I am there but doesn’t know how to stay on camera and can’t talk to me.  Liesl knows to talk and hold the phone and show me stuff.  This is the best invention ever.

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