June 22, 2012: Sara’s Wedding Rehearsal

I went down to Danielle’s office to work on the SunFire V100 that we are trying to hook up there.  Jeremy was over as well.  He delivered donuts from Tim Horton’s in Geneseo for us.  We can’t get vanilla cream donuts down in Texas, or pretty much anywhere except for in New York, so that is a treat.  It is also a treat since I will be going back on my hard core diet very soon and I have very little chance left to eat real food before it kicks in.

We worked for a few hours.  Mostly talking.  A little bit of time trying to set up the V100 that is there.  It was a productive morning.

Dominica, dad and the girls went to Union Presbyterian Church in Leicester before noon as Liesl is the younger flower girl in Sara’s wedding tomorrow and today is her rehearsal.  Liesl remembers having been a flower girl last year but is bigger and much more able to follow directions now.

I went down and joined everyone a little bit later so that I could work and get things done.  Today is Friday so there is a bit of stuff at work for me.

I got down to the church with about half an hour of rehearsal left.  I drove dad’s Volvo convertible down.

From the church it was over to Perry to the Charcoal Choral for the after rehearsal dinner.  The dinner was in the exact same room, but quite a bit overhauled, where we had Dominica and my rehearsal dinner almost nine years ago.  Hard to believe that nearly a decade has passed since we got married!  Boy the time flies.  I’m not sure that I have done anything in that room, other than walk by it, in all these years.

We were really tempted by the drive-in’s lineup for tonight to come back.  It is Pixar’s Brave opening tonight followed by The Avengers which I do not want to see at all but Dominica really wants to see.  But we finally concede that we are already pretty tired and we would be really exhausted for the wedding tomorrow and that would lead to me being really, really exhausted for my drive from New York to Tennessee on Sunday.  So we are going to skip going to the drive-in this year.  That is sad as we did it last year and Liesl really enjoyed it and this was our chance to start making it a family tradition every summer in New York – a tradition that really goes back as long as Dominica and I have been together.

It was back to dad’s and back to work after coming back from the rehearsal dinner.  We were busy for most of the afternoon just doing stuff around dad’s house.

This evening Dominica and I drove over to Geneseo to do some shopping.  Dominica went in to Olympia Sports and just happened to find Rachael working so they talked for a while about shoes.  I ran over to Radio Shack to get a part that I needed to make a serial console cable for the server at the Ralstons’.  We were there for a bit and Dominica ended up buying a new pair of shoes while we were there.

We told dad that we would pick up dinner and suddenly we were hit with the desire to get Aunt Cookies’ subs!  Now that is a classic Geneseo treat.  It has been a really, really long time since I have had Aunt Cookies and after all of the food that we have had in Europe and a year on Medifast a real, authentic Western New York toasted sub sounds absolutely perfect.  We used to get Aunt Cookies all of the time when we lived in Geneseo.  That is something that I really miss.  Being from New York great pizza and subs are the staples of the diet.  Being without either in Texas is hard.

So we took the subs back to dad’s.  Dad was a bit surprised at our choice of dinner but seemed happy enough with it.  He doesn’t normally get this style of sub himself and I had gotten him a bologna sub which was something different as well.


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