August 4, 2012: The Family Returns

Finally today is my day to get my family back.

Dominica and the girls were originally going to come back first thing this morning from Cedar Creek Lake, but before they could leave Bennie discovered a problem with the boat trailer so they stayed behind for a while to make sure that the rest of the family was able to get out onto the road.  Let me tell you, Bennie’s boat definitely eliminates the slightest hint of any desire that I may have ever had to own a boat.  Should I ever suggest that I might want a boat someday, please People of the Internet, remind me of this week.

So it was hours later than planned that Dominica and the girls left the lake and drove back to the house so I did not get to see them until early afternoon.  The family going down to Houston took all day to do so because they had to drive so slowly and on backroads because the trailer was not very reliable.

It was great to get everyone home this afternoon.  It has been so long since we have been just home as a family without a pending trip or something hanging over us.  Nothing scheduled except for a few days in Austin in October for us from here on in.  This is our first time in months that we are home, for a long time, as a family and can begin the process of getting back to normal.  We really need that.

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